Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whooo likes gingerbread cookys?

I wish we spelled cookies cookys. Don't you?

[my recipe comes from this book - my mom's circa the '60s]

'Tis the season to tie one on [an apron! what'd you think I met? a vodka gimlet], and I've been busy in the kitchen. Sometimes in the quiet of the evening, sometimes with the riot of the family.
Last night it was time to gingerly bake and decorate gingerbread boys [or men?], trees, stars and...owls.
The kids & Tom surprised me with a sweet hooty cooky cutter. It hit the mailbox that afternoon and I resisted the urge to defy the government and open it myself, even though it was addressed to Tom.

I'm so glad I did. Do you do gingerbread? Crunchy - or chewy?


  1. Those owls are so cute! We love gingerbread here and don't care how you spell it - we make some, buy the German chocolate-covered ones, then make some more. I had better make sure we have molasses etc etc around.

  2. These cookies look AWESOME good job! love the redhots for eyes!