Friday, August 28, 2009

home sweet bungalow

I'm missing our 'old house' today - and every day - a 1920s bungalow on the Missouri side of the state line. But luckily, I can manhandle some of my favorite elements from my real retro kitchen in my persnickety 1990s + tea + sugar + flour canisters =
4 makeshift mirrors for Margie to check her makeup in

our who-left-the-fingerprints-on-the-cookie-jar cookie jar

my beloved. cat-dog-owl planter/scrubber holder.

And we'll be whoop-de-dooing it up right on Tom's bday this weekend in the very neighborhood that nestles our [I just can't give it up] bungalow and scores more in a timeless fashion: with good cocktails and great friends - can't wait to celebrate [and get an eyefull of the house. geez. will I shut up about the house already? no.]

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