Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pretty Easy: Mac & Cheesy

Thanks, Betty, for getting kids in the kitchen!
This kitschy duo is dedicated to my own...
Following in the footsteps of that sweet talker, Betty Crocker, I let Margie flip through the fun & funky pages of the ultimate vintage kid's cook book circa '65 [that has been spilled on and stained by 2 generations before her]. And she was sweet on these cheesy recipes:

Polka-Dotted Macaroni & Cheese [page 72]Mmmm. What a sodium & carb-heavy ingredient list:
1 pkg of macaroni [7oz]
1 can cheddar cheese soup
1/2 c milk
1 t Worcestershire sauce [yay! more salt!]
2 frankfurters
[cut into penny-thin slices - shrinkage inevitable, as always]
Heat oven to 375 degrees.
Cook & drain macaroni as directed.
Empty soup into bowl. Slowly stir in milk & Worcestershire.
Spread drained macaroni into baking dish 10x6x 1 1/2 inches. Then pour cheese sauce over macaroni stirring into mix.
Arrange frankfurter slices [men have been arranging their franks for years, so ask one to help] on top of macaroni and cheese. If you are anal retentive, have ocd or are a fan of symmetry, arranging the 'furters will drive you to drink - so cue a cocktail and bend an elbow for the following 25 minutes the mixture bakes. 'Til it's hot and bubbly. Like Tom.

And these sweet little varmints make a swell side dish -
Bunny Salad [page 57]
Here is the recipe. Dissected [nasty, but necessary] by bunny:
Body: 1 chilled pear half
Eyes: 2 raisins
Nose: 1 red cinnamon candy [which, when left in the fridge to 'chill' will resemble a bloody nose - unless there were fisticuffs behind closed doors]
Ears: 2 blanched almonds
Tail: cottage cheese ball

Yay for carnivore-minded kids!


  1. Ya gotta love pear shaped bunnies with fluffy cottage cheese tails...who could resist ... ?