Thursday, July 1, 2010

Belly up to the BBQ

It may as well be Father's Day, what with the grilling protocol of the 4th of July weekend. It's my own personal big bang theory that fellas get off on the grill more so than the independence of our great country. I'm just saying.
So I've taken the liberty [har] to page through Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book (c)'65 looking for the meatiest recipe I can find to satisfy your gent's inner carnivore. Stoke the coals, baby, daddy's home and he's ready to play with fire.
Paul Bunyanburgers
2 eggs
2 pounds ground beef [chuck or top sirloin]

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoon seasoned or garlic salt
"Everything" [see below]

Beat eggs slightly: add ground beef and sprinkle with seasonings. Mix lightly with big wooden spoon. [Treat the meat gently.]. Divide mixture in thirds.

Using a 9-inch cake pan as a guide, draw a circle on waxed paper. Place a third of the meat in center and pat gently [or place waxed paper on top, too and roll lightly with rolling pin] to fill circle. Do not press hard.

Now for the built-in filling of "everything." Leaving 1-inch margin for sealing, spread half of the patty with mustard, top with chopped onion, cubed cheese, or pickle relish.

Lift point of waxed paper at the back and fold meat over filling. Press around the margin to seal in "everything." Brush top side with salad oil to keep burger from sticking to grill. Place in wire broiler basket; peel off paper. Brush other side with oil. Broil slowly to allow "everything" to heat through, cheese to melt and flavors to intermingle. Serve on hot plate with toasted buns.

Essentially, it's a big-ass meaty turnover. And that's not just a double entendre. And as far as I'm concerned, "everything" just ain't that much. So I'll be back before the 4th with a recipe for a dessert that'll please this little, over-eager fella.


  1. Wait, its 2 pounds a meat with some stuff in it? But no bread crumbs even? Doesn't that seem kinda shoe leathery?