Sunday, July 4, 2010

Whiz. Bang. Tasty Tower.

Here's a delish dish that might inspire you to eat dessert independently today from Good Housekeeping's Perfect Parties (c)'67 cook book:

Party Scoop

3 favorite-flavor ice creams
1 favorite-flavor sherbet
Halved strawberries
Pecan halves
Pineapple chunks, well drained

Several weeks ahead: [OH SHIT! Sorry]
1. Make balls from ice cream and sherbet - 3 different sizes (pictured version took 8 small, 14 medium, and 6 large balls). Freezer-wrap; freeze. [was that last instruction necessary? really?]
2. When ice-cream and sherbet balls are frozen, from heavy cardboard, cut a 7 1/2-inch circle; make a hole in the center to fit candle [or sparkler, for drama on the 4th. oh shit, that'd melt the cake, eh?]; in hole secure a 10-inch tall candle. Cover cardboard completely with foil.
3. Around candle arrange ice-cream and sherbet balls, alternating flavors and forming a tower as pictured [scroll down for the ta-daa!]. Tuck halved strawberries, pecan halves, and pineapple chunks here and there [talk about freedom, my friends!]. If ice cream starts to melt, pop it into freezer to firm up.
4. Freeze the Party Scoop; then freezer-wrap and store in freezer [this seems ass backwards, huh?]

At party time:
Remove Party Scoop from freezer; unwrap; place on serving plate; surround with flowers and leaves. Let stand 15 minutes [but wait, what if it starts to melt? then pop it in the freezer until it firms up and repeat the entire process into infinity...]. Light candle and serve.See? Told you that li'l fella would be all over it. Happy 4th, all!

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  1. Okay, after reading that I'm ordering a cake from Dairy Queen! lol