Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mad. As in crazy.

Has anyone bent their elbow to raise a glass of this?A friend of mine [thanks, Angi] gifted this kitschy bottle of merlot to me last month. Good marketing says kitschy gals are crazy? Mad, even? Okay. I can respect that. Hell, now that I think about it, I'll even drink to it. Pass me an atomic tumbler, somebody!

But mad housewives are one thing. Flesh-eating zombie-freak crazy-mad matriarchs are another. It makes you wonder just how many housewives there are out there, making "casseroles" after dark, doesn't it? Me, too. My friend Dally is a talented artist with an eye for gore galore. I loved the idea of a play on kitschen feast as a feast of flesh, and I dig his work [have you seen his pee-wee vampire? no, I'm not being coy, it's art people], so I asked him if he'd indulge my dark side and create a mad housewife piece for kicks. He dug the idea, too and took artistic license to bring me this wearable art:Pretty freaking cool. But, what would Donna Reed say? Who cares.

Now go get me that tumber of wine. I need something to chase down the mystery meat...


  1. LOVE the pic of you. If I were your hubby, I'd sleep with one eye open.

  2. I love it!!!!! In addition to being a retro freak, I am also a zombie freak, so this is right up my alley. That is a shirt I would wear with PRIDE! You are a riot!

  3. Kitschen Beast ... if you start dragging a leg Tom is in trouble ...

  4. Awesome! When I was at HyVee this week, there was a Mad Housewife gal doing a promo...and she was dressed the part. Down to the glasses and bobby socks with her pumps. I should have bought some...I think if you bought enough, you got a free t-shirt!