Monday, August 23, 2010

topless in kc

among countless other end-of-summer experiences that have kept me far, far away from the kitschen, my husband's 40th bday party, a "tomtoberfest" of sorts, was celebrated two weekends ago. and, well, we just had to bake him a totally embarrassing, totally unrelated to the celebration kind of cake. with boobs.

my friend lesley's dad had the guilty, dirty pleasure of one of these topless cakes back in '76 on his 26th bday. my mom said she crafted some itsy-bitsy bikini cakes years ago for the highschool cake walk in '73.

so les & i had to hand over a couple of cupcake tits to tom. it looked a little something like this:
tasteless. tacky. a dirty sort of kitschy. we handed forks around so everyone could help themselves to a piece, if you get my drift. my children are so proud of their parents. and their parents friends.

be back soon. and more refined. promise!

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