Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hard-boiled Brains

I went back to the Bargain Barn last weekend in Nebraska. And picked up a few pocket books. Here's one of the goodys:
[The American Family Cookbook (c)'69]

And here's a freako recipe I found on page 25:
[like a good horror movie, this pic is best served in black & white]

Goblin Eggs
8 hard-cooked eggs
1/4 cup piccalilli [pickled veggie relish - a delish condiment of the 60s]
1/4 cup mayonnaise or salad dressing
2 teaspoons prepared mustard
16 peppercorns or whole cloves
Green pepper

Cut off part of broad end of each shelled egg. Cut off other end of egg to make a cap for goblin. Scoop out brains [pardon me, yolk] and mash with fork [sicko]; add piccalilli, mayonnaise and mustard. Mix well and refill eggs; replace the top. With paring knife, mark goblin faces into egg white. Arrange peppercorns for [cold, dead] eyes and pieces of green pepper for noses and mouths.

These ought to whet a zombie's appetite for brains. Brains of a clown. On acid.

And I've got to admit. I'm a little scared to try it.


  1. THAT'S FABULOUS!!! Please, please, please try it and report back! :)

  2. Those eggs are the best thing I have ever seen.

  3. Yes, agree ! Those eggs are THE best ever! lololol