Friday, November 5, 2010

Sorry. I'm a little nuts.

Okay. So there are oodles of reasons/excuses for not blogging so much as of late: the kids, balancing the avon/freelance/creative sources of income biz, the weather, books, and my obsession with sneaking spoonfuls of this blissful blend:How do you take your Nutella?

[ week I'll be back. promise. with tomatoes.]


  1. Huuuummm!!! Nutella! Such a deicious concoction!

    I spread butter on a piece of toast and then spread some Nutella. Simple yet delicious!

  2. I just like it on toast. But none for me thanks; not until I've lost my 8 pounds! :)

  3. How do I take my Nutella?? Anyway I can get it! yum...