Friday, February 11, 2011

WTF?!? Friday Night Fright

We're having a few of our nearest & dearest over tomorrow night for a 2nd annual Valentine's Love-In. Instead of going out on an expensive, baby-sitter necessary, 2-hour-wait-for-a-table date, we pin on our Paul & Julia Child-inspired heart-shaped paper corsages and enjoy a potluck of things we love.

I tried to get a head start tonight on the cherry pie I had planned for. First I tackled the crust [2-layer, per Better Homes & Gardens (c)'67] and fumbled when it fell apart, offering one helluva rustic look. A crumb topping is in my immediate future.

But it was when I cut & placed the [coined by my Gramie] "stragglebritches" on the parchment and asked Ben & Margie to dust them with sugar & cinnamon [that's coat in their book] that all went horribly wrong. Burnt globs of the sweet & cinnamon-y-ness made for one undesirable mound of wasted pastry:These straggleBITCHES are gonna make me cry.

1 comment:

  1. I'd eat it. I love burnt sugary, cinnamony, straggleBitches. Yum. Happy VD to you!