Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Curtain Call

Way before plunging the paintbrush to revamp the living room & kitchen, I had been on on the lookout for some diggy curtains to bring some retro into [and keep the peepers out of] the living room. And wouldja guess where I found them? At that damn flea-market-in-a-greenhouse, the Bargain Barn.

I still have to haul this haul to the laundry for a good cleaning [hey, I got $1 off the pair because I was skeeved out by an old spider's nest - totally devoid of spiders] and I need to rig up a rod, but I wanted to share these ecru, muddy brown and turquoise drapes with you. Straight from the 50s [and for less than the cost of a burger, fries & coke], here's my curtain call:

[creepy, crusty spider nest in full view. eww]


  1. You failed to mention, other than the vacant spider apartment the drapes are in fab condish ... and the colors perfecto

  2. Great find! I love it when I go to flea markets and find all kinds of stuff.

  3. Keep them peepers out! Even though they will want to look closer at these cool curtains!