Monday, April 5, 2010

Hella Heloise!

Look at what I sprung for at the flea market on Friday...How is it that I am just now acquiring this vintage volume (c)'63?!

Here's one of Heloise's handiest kitchen hints:
"Say Cheeze!
[from Connecticut]: Before I grate cheese, I put a small amount of cooking oil on the grater with either a small pastry brush or a paper towel and rub a bit. When washing the grater...[wait for it]...all cheese will immediately come off."
Nice. What's your handiest hint? I'm using this one from now on -- and I'd dig hearing one of yours!


  1. Here's my grated cheese from the market. Toss the cheese grater.

  2. Hydrogen peroxide takes out all kinds of stains.

    Plus, all hints from midcenturymadam are the best!

  3. My hint is to do whatever Heloise says - she is fab :)

  4. My hint.. a little beer added to virtually any dish will make it taste better. If it doesn't, the few beers you drink while waiting for your dish to cook will help you to not care.