Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hospital Fare: Get Well Soon

My mom has spent the better part of this week in the hospital having & recovering from a knee replacement. Good news: she's getting well soon. Bad news: as soon as the nausea wore off, they started carting in funky fare tray by tray. Per mom, nearly every breakfast, lunch and dinner display from the cafeteria kitchen includes an item served up in kitschy luxe: on a bed of lettuce.

See for yourself. And guess what's snuggled in the gelatin...


  1. Here's to a quick recovery!!

    //looks like peaches!

  2. Hee hee...tell Momma Marsha that I think that's her original knee, cartlidge and all, in a bad jello disguise. Ewww.....nice glass plates, though!

  3. Hospital food has come along way to what it used to be.
    And I think it is some kind of whole fruit.