Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday: Hot Cuppa

[I scored this mug at Sparks for 50cents. Some days, I'll admit, I need the reminder!]

Here's a cocktail for a crisp, cool, fall nightcap. And it may just keep you up after hours...

Coffee Royal
1 1/2oz brandy
1 cup hot black coffee

Add brandy to coffee. At this point, you may add sugar to sweeten the taste. This may be garnished with a lemon peel. [Or, you could do whatever the hell you want.] Share one with your favorite Joe.


  1. Hey Lady!!! I am so glad you are back in the kitcshen! Your posts always make me smile. PS: Would vodka work in this drink too?

  2. Seriously love that mug!! Super cute!