Friday, October 16, 2009

Capping It Off

Shower caps aren't just for little old ladies who get their hair set every Wednesday at 11a.

They're for your leftovers, too.
I stopped buying wrap by the roll as soon as I spotted these elastic dreams at the dime store.

I'll never be sure if they're 100% disinfected, why with all the nooks and crannies, gathers and pleats, but aren't they sweet? There's just something about looking into the icebox and seeing a cluster of shower caps on the shelves - like a little sauna [okay, polar opposite there] - for your snacks.

So give it up for your granny and your groceries - and cap it off.

[yay me for avoiding condom jokes. it was hard.]


  1. Thanks for the tip! (har har)
    - Amy

  2. You know, I've seen this and forgotten it and thanks so much for reminding me cause I loved it and its brilliant! And yeah,adorable!

    Yay you!