Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goblin Girl

Saucer-eyed Goblin Girl will invite smiles -

Try a jack-o'-lantern lass for once! You'll need a round pumpkin with a long stem. Draw zigzag line around top for the hair; cut along line and remove lid. Scoop out contents.
Make eyes with apple corer. Carve out mouth with paring knife. Poke toothpicks into the radish [or hey, a carrot works if you are going for a sober - not Andy Capp drunk - lass] nose from inside the pumpkin. Gently press in upper edge of pumpkin - the "Italian haircut" will stand out when lid's in place. Now tie a wide-ribbon bow on do you like her hair?

Yeah. I was thinking wtf on the mafia coif, too.


  1. I like her hair! She has a little Pebbles thing happening.

  2. and actually, it's the zig-zag cut that is supposed to be soooo obviously Italian. huh? wha? but i dig her all the same.