Thursday, October 8, 2009

Maybe Later...

The only thing that's more fun than paging through a vintage cookbook of crazy, savory eats is finding hidden treasures stuck in the cracks.

Whoever held this Better Homes and Gardens Lunches and Brunches before me was keeping one eye on the 'book and one eye on their latest McCall's magazine. I found a few fun recipes and tips torn from its pages with jello molds, barbecue hosting and the perfect pie crust in mind.

Unfortunately, no drips, dribbles or drops have stained the articles. So I can't quite be convinced that they're as good as their word. Looks like this cook had the same "maybe later" attitude I do when I rip into my monthly mags - dog-earing this dish and that for a dinner that may [or may never] be.

But I'm motivated to try one of these [or one of my own] tear-outs.

Maybe later.

1 comment:

  1. I love finding the tear-outs, it's like an extra treat! And I love that BHG series, I have a lot of them and they are really fun.