Monday, May 3, 2010

The $20 Road Trip

I came close to busting my budget of $20 last Sunday in Sparks. But I didn't. Feast your eyes on my lawn - full of dusty, divine treasures from the trailers, tables and tents of Kansas:
[vintage gift wrap, cards & stationary, paint-by-numbers rose print, fab frames, grand ge clock, boozy recipe books, pretty pink hinged tissue box & the like]

There was also this amazing lady with the best. tent. ever. She's been buying up old carnival prizes and gumball machine goodies. My friend Mandy walked out with enough cracker jack-y charms to fill two bracelets! I also scored these fun tiles to spell out the kids' names and a neat-o candle holder for birthday & special occasion cupcakes:This may come as no surprise - but I've got a little [believe me, it'll be bitty] etsy shop up my sleeve. Stay tuned this summer when I'll share my stash!


  1. Oh! A bitty Etsy shop? Cool! Can wait to see your goodies!

    You certaily picked nice things. Love the clock,wrapping paper,paint by numbers.

  2. Can I just send you money to go shopping for me with? You always seem to find cool stuff.

  3. Another fab haul ... loe the cards! Back in the day a person could get a lot of cool from Hallmark for .15!