Monday, May 17, 2010

Frenzied, Frazzled - but Fabulous!

First [and foremost], indeed WTF Friday's repulsive reveal is that of a cheezy meatloaf. Made in a blender, mind you, from Better Homes and Garden's Blender Cook Book. As if meat processing wasn't unsettling enough, some actually opted to blend their meat. Pulse it. Puree it. Oh my.

Secondly, if I seem sporatic - at best - with my posts this week, it's because this is one busy, busy, busy time for my fab little family. On top of Ben's kindergarten promotion, a baseball game, field day, a plucking appointment [ask me about my unibrow project later] and more than I could ever bore you with, we're packing like mules for a whirlwind vaca in CA.

Yep. We're going here.
And Oceanside, and Legoland. And that, my friends, makes for one helluva week for me.

So I've asked my new friend Mimi at The Retro WW Experiment to guest blog!! I am so excited to have this cat-eyed, va-va-va-voom and va-va-va-vile [per her recipes] gal over to wine and dine you at KitschenFeast. So if you're counting your calories, count on coming back for a very special Weight Watchers Wednesday!

See you tomorrow, for very tipsy Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for taking a few minutes to visit my blog.
    It seems that we are all so busy.....but blogging can be a quite respite for us retro chicks, Dianne

  2. Have fun in Disneyland! Getting ready for vacations is not fun though. I remember packing for myself as well as all four kids. Have a tall tiki drink when you get there.