Saturday, May 1, 2010

Road Trip!

My friend Mandy & I will be HERE tomorrow. Celebrating her birthday at a fabulous flea market fiesta! I can't wait to drag my old-school, old-lady cart through the miles of aisles at one of the country's top markets. The last time we went to Sparks, I bought all of this for way less than $20...Yes. YEs. YES! Bring it on. And hey, will I see you there?


  1. If you ever make it out to SF, you've got to check out the Alameda Flea Market. First Sunday of every month. It is incredibly huge and fabulous.
    Believe me, if I didn't have to spend the day studying for a final, I'd be out there right now!

    And what is this Bargain Barn of which you speak?!?

  2. THe thriftiest of thrifters has struck again ... nice looking haul, a little plaid, a bit of the 70s with a squirrel thrown in for good measure. Nice grouping, love it all ...

  3. That was quite a haul! Love the shelf! :)