Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AWOL. 4Give?

I know I've been MIA lately.Can you find it in your retro heart to forgive a girl? We've had one more whirlwind weekend, which was honestly spent hanging out with friends and family and tea party-ing with Marge in the backyard. She's now officially 4.The ladies & gents were well-mannered and treated to cupcakes, tea sandwiches, fruity tarts and a run through the sprinkler. It was a lovely day for the loveliest little girl. Ever.

Now it's off for a quick trip to back to my roots in Nebraska for more quality time with friends and family in the cornhusker state. And I promise that I'll make good stepping back up to the pyrex when I return [I've also got that little etsy shop to keep building!]

Enjoy a jaunty start to your June!


  1. I hate you for leaving us!! We're more important than family and Disneyland!! :)

  2. What a perfect little doll! Hope she had a great birthday! Missed ya. Need my kitsch fix quick!

  3. Gramie would be thrilled Margie had her very special tea cups at her birthday party. Pinkies up!

  4. Loving that tea party photo!
    And your retro blog - its so cool!