Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick 'n' Easy --- in name alone

Yesterday I had a pound of ground round in the icebox, and not an ounce of energy to fix dinner. So, I grabbed Good Housekeeping's Quick 'n' Easy Cook Book of time-saver dishes for today's busy woman, sure that I'd find a bevy of beefy options.You know what I got? I got squat.

Having the pound of round was the easy part, but it was paging through the cook book that it became clear that I hadn't been quick to pick up a 50's gal's pantry staples. Not having these ingredients on hand meant that I would come up empty handed in the dinner department:

  • canned minced clams
  • canned condensed green-pea soup
  • monosodium glutamate
  • canned roast beef
  • canned corned-beef hash
  • canned luncheon meat
  • canned apple slices
  • canned chicken fricassee
  • canned small white onions
Are we sure this shopping list wasn't the one to stock the nuclear fall-out shelter?

But I did have 2 peeled medium bananas, halved crosswise IN THE HALF-SHELL.


  1. ha - even with modern recipes, I never seem to have the assumed pantry staples.

    But you still managed to prepare that complicated banana dish - bananas in a half shell - banana power!

  2. What a crazy shopping list! definiely fallout shelterish...

    Canned apples? Canned chicken fricassee! Now that is crazy!

    I remember my mom buying debonned chicken in a glass jar in the early 70's....

  3. Oh, girlfriend. I feel your pain. Sometimes I get the strangest looks at the grocery checkout. I buy some pretty crazy stuff, and I know they are wondering what the hell I am up to!

  4. sounds like a preparedness list for the next cold war. mmm...canned minced favorite.

  5. Why buy fresh when you can get it in the get off your can and stock the pantry properly!

  6. The strawberry shortcake on the front looks yummy, all you need are berries, whipped cream and a couple of tins of fall-out shelter biscuits.