Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tray La Vie

My mom has OVD. Obsessive Vintage Disorder. She can't stop picking up oldies but goodies for me at the flea markets wherever she roams. Earlier this month, she scored this soda tray for just a few bucks. I'd been eyeballing them, but every tag I ran into hit over and above the $20 mark. Ugh. So I am tickled to have a tray that is laden with funky appetizer dips and dunks in my collection now.
Does that whet your appetite for a game of bridge with the girls or what?
Thanks, mom!


  1. I love it! Breaking out the silver serving pieces? Don't forget the ice cold soda! Need something to wash down those slices of gouda and kalamata olives? Look no more!

  2. Don't forget the gherkins and fondue ...