Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kool Blast from the Past

First things first: WTF?!? was that pot-unlucky dish featured on Friday? Why it was raspberries, strawberries, peaches, grapes & fruit juices of choice jammed together in Good Housekeeping's Quick and Easy Cook Book's (c)'58 Jellied Fruit dish. It brings to mind haunted houses, with peeled grapes for eyeballs and strawberry goo for brains. And while it looks like something that would come right back up after ingestion, I'm pretty sure flavor-wise it would go down easy.

Today I've got something kool to share. My new-to-me smiley, plastic-y kool-aid pitcher set. My Gramps picked it up at a tag sale. $5 for the pitcher & 7 mischievous mugs. Yesterday Ben & Marge made magic, stirring up green powder, one very full cup of sugar and cold water just like it was 1974 all over again. And wouldn'tcha know it? The green powder turned blue, but it tastes just like cherries. Magic!I'll bet you can't drink kool-aid without smiling. What's your flavor?


  1. I love the happy face Kool-Aid guy and his offspring ... they are even cuter with blue faces ...

  2. Oh, and my flavor is cherry! I remember the pre-lick'm aid days when we used to cut the tops off of Kool-Aid packages, add sugar and dip our wet fingers in ... cherry was always my fav ... it was like Pixie Stix with out the stix.

  3. Cherry or grape!
    BTW, that gelatin monstrosity is...scary. You might have fun with this site,if you haven't seen it already:

    It is also called "The Gallery of Regrettable Food"

    It's absolutely hilarious, or at least mind-boggling.

  4. I remember the pitcher/cup set was always a mail away offer anad once in a while I'd see it or a variation of it in a store when I was a kid. Brings back memories! Cherry was definitely my favorite.