Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are you as kitchen-savvy as a 5th grader?

I'm not convinced that I am.

But this tutorial from Betty Crocker's New Boys and Girls Cookbook (c)'73 [I can't put it down this week, eh?] proved that when armed with a paring knife, boys and girls of all ages can do anything. So I followed Betty's steps regarding crisp relishes. Looks easy enough, right? Radish Roses:
[1] Scrub fresh red radishes. Cut off the root end. Leave a bit of the stem and leaf.
[2] Then, with a small paring knife, cut thin "petals" around radish from root end almost to stem end.
[3] Place "roses" in iced water to "blossom." (The cold water makes the radish open its petals.)
Carrot Curls:
[1] Wash, then pare raw carrots with a vegetable parer [that's peeler to you & me]. For long, very thin slices, slice the length of carrot paper thin with a parer. Always cut away from your hand.
[2] Roll each slice around your finger, then hold it together with a toothpick [frilly, of course!].
[3] Chill curls in iced water about an hour so they will hold their shape. Then remove toothpicks.

Drat! I totally skipped the chill steps - so my radishes have yet to blossom and my curls are still holding themselves in place with their frilly friend. Here's what a 5th grader + 25 years is capable of. I think I passed. Just barely:

And, hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom today - the lady that opened this book up for me and started this whole thing 30 years ago [and I'm pretty sure she let me hold a paring knife]! xoxoxo!


  1. I totally love this kind of stuff but I'm not so much in love with the idea of 9 year olds with knives... I think life was different in the 50s

  2. So appetizing! And I love the running chef in the background! Thank you for my book. It arrived just as I was leaving the country. I promise to make the package and take a photo when I get back. Maybe I'll FINALLY use it to post another entry on Busy Day Skillet! Stan

  3. Nothing is as charming as something on a frilly 'pick! I'm glad the book arrived safe - can't wait to see your package! ooh. that's crass. Continue to have a fabulous trip! Ciao!