Monday, November 9, 2009

Quickie Tip Tuesday!

Look who was flirting with me at the flea market over the weekend -

with her Guide To Easy Entertaining (c) '59

I could hardly wait to share bits of Betty with you! Like today's tip on guest etiquette:
"The guest who arrives exactly on time has the blessing of any hostess, but better ten minutes late than ten minutes early! Nothing is more awkward for the hostess who has her time carefully planned than the arrival of early birds while she is making gravy, feeding children, or racing through her shower."
...or throwing back a few highballs [one can only assume...]

In short, take your time, or you're wasting her time [pay attention, gents - truer words were never spoken].

Got a tip? Share you're do nots & dos - and enter to win that retro cookbook I've been raving about tomorrow!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. i wanna play. i love old cookbooks...particularly the ones that have recipes that call for ingredients that are either no longer available or are now banned by the FDA.

    keep on whipping up those fab recipes and have a wonderful tuesday!

  2. i love kindred kitsch people - keep coming back! and keep an eye out for the winner tomorrow!

  3. umm...i commented but instead of leaving my name, it left a jumbled mess of letters and numbers.


    :) rachel

  4. The first commentor reminded me of something... the directions for thawing chicken. Stuff like leaving it out on the counter all day if its frozen and you have to go out.

    oh my

  5. From the "New! Reducing Diet Menus with Domino Sugar!" 1954

    "Keep a reasonable amount of sugar in all your reducing diet meals....Besides adding flavor to all your meals, sugar contributes to the enjoyment of eating and makes your life more pleasant when you're dieting."


  6. Stan - I think I need that tattooed on me. What a mantra - thanks for sharing! [I love those little product cookbooks]