Monday, November 23, 2009


Give thanks & I'll give-away a vintage potholder![this is my personal stash - yours will be a surprise - and a feast for the eyes!]

Let me know what warms you around the Thanksgiving holiday [your granny's quilt, your silly kids, your health, the sun shining on your face - all things I am appreciating today, and try to every day] and I'll pick a kitschy guy or gal like you at random to receive a little piece of retro for your warm kitchen conquests!

Comment before Wednesday and I'll post the lucky winner that morning! Now, off to pull the pumpkin pies from the oven with my aunt Elsie's holders in hand...


  1. What warms me every year is my dad's old sweatshirts. I lost him two years ago, and when it gets cold, I put one on and feel like my dad is keeping me warm. The next thing is that even though it's just me, my brother and mom left, mom makes enough food for 20 on Thanksgiving, I assume because she feels we'll starve otherwise. At 82, the effort she still puts in amazes me. She won't let me help.

  2. i love those potholders. i am warmed by TRADITION on thanksgiving. parade on tv. food in oven. movies on tv. being with my husband.

    you have been nominated! go read about it on my blog.