Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet Pilgrim John

I can't say that if I was an American Indian I would be the least bit threatened by this wallflower that floated over on the Mayflower. [I soooo wish he was photographed in technicolor!]
Here, per Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Cook Book(c)'59 is the most puritan pilgrim place card you'll ever craft.

And how.
[1] To make shoulders for pilgrim, split 1 3/4 inch cork lenghtwise; glue large ends together. Cut off center hump, making flat surface for head. Cut 2 1/2-inch fabric or paper circle for collar; cut out wedge, glue in place over shoulders.
[2] For head, cut 3/8-inch off small end of a second cork, slanting the cut slightly. Glue cork, narrow end down, to collar. For hat brim, glue cork coaster atop. Glue on third cork, large end down. Add black paper hat buckle and nailhead eyes.
[3] Try not to laugh at your forefathers.

Come back tonight for a sweet side dish recipe...


  1. I think I have everything I need but I can't find woodgrain paper plates anywhere ... guess I'm out of luck ... no quirky, corky pilgrims for us.