Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quickie Tip Tuesday

It's about time I get regular.
Not prune regular.
Posting regular.

So, with the help of my dame Betty, every Tuesday I'll bring you a quickie tip straight from the faux hostess with the mostess.

Like this Skillet Quick from her Dinner in a Dish cook book circa '65:
"When the situation calls for super speed [no, not the minithins from the 7-11], get out your trusty skillet or electric frypan and stir up a delectable, easy one-dish dinner. Serve right from the skillet if you like; many skillets are so attractive you can proudly place them on the table to keep food hot and to simplify serving."
In short, less is more. Words to live by.



  1. Now how can you not love a display of weiners...especially when artfully displayed in a tempting skillet?? Oh my...we may have to have a potluck when I'm in KC in December!! Imagine....guests assigned specific recipes from retro cookbooks...with pictures! It's a contest! Just a tad obsessed with the idea, as it's something I've always wanted to do....Good meeting you! Stan

  2. I've done an atomic starburst of weiners on here - you must give it a try! I had a small cocktail party of retro carb-rich eats a couple of months ago, it was fab! Betty Crocker potluck is on! Enjoy your KC homecoming in December - and it will be swell keeping tabs on your blog, too!

  3. How do you get weiners to bend that way? They are so alike ...