Sunday, November 29, 2009

Skirt Chaser

I'm pretty keen on Christmas - you, too?

This weekend my mom, Marge & I avoided the black Friday brouhaha and opted to thrift instead. I brought home this bevy of goods from Nebraska thanks to fam, flea markets & the dav store...The frilly aprons were my great Granny & great aunt Elsie's - the striped belonged to my mom, so it's being passed on to Marge! The felt tree skirt [adorned with angels, trees, reindeer, peppermint sticks & the like] is from the thrift store, my Gramps grabbed up the fat strainer at a tag sale and a fam friend picked up the Betty Crocker cake mix cookbook [can't wait to share that one!] - the gold recipe notebook is a goody from my sister-in-law. What a bounty!

Here's a closer look at the fab strainer - it puts me in the mood for a little meat.
I can't wait to tie my apron on and dish out some holiday favorites from Betty and company!

For now, it's back to the tinsel...


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  2. Oh dang! I want to go shopping with YOU! I want that separator bad!! I so love the organza aprons. You never, ever find them in small town CA...only on ebay!

  3. Thanks for helping clean out the armoire ... Definitely a good day thrifting ... go ahead and tie one on ...