Monday, February 22, 2010

Retro [W]rap.

My mom's bestie from back in the day handed over the best birthday retro wrap to me last month:This paper practically has me pulling on my polyester pants, putting a package under my arm and skipping off to a birthday bash down the block [and I lived on the best block]. It makes me giddy just thinking of giving a gift wrapped from this retro roll. And it reminds me of my best boy/girl birthday party, when the neighbor boys bestowed Malibu Barbie on me. The 70s were oh so sweet!

Tomorrow, I'm getting back to the cookbooks like crazy!


  1. Oh man.... That paper reeks of Brady Bunch! I just re-added you to my blogroll :) Had some people lost in the sauce of my changeover and you were one but your back now, safe and sound!

  2. Don't cut it! Preserve it for all eternity, please. It's priceless. Maybe you could colour photocopy it to use... I couldn't bring myself to cut into it.