Saturday, February 13, 2010

Va-va-va Valentine's Dinner Party

Today we're sharing the love.

[I am well aware that this sweet vintage valentine is posed a little, well, wrong...]

With some [not so?] distinguished friends from way back. I can hardly wait to get the group together for some Chianti and chocolate cake. We're going to wear our hearts on our lapels, too - I've fashioned some bright red valentines with doilies for everyone to pin on. The kids will be underfoot, but we'll kindly ignore them, just a bit, so we can continue on like an old school card party.

In the meantime it's bowling league, Nate the Great live, a little lunch and a lot of prepwork in my flowy pink apron.



  1. I dig that little picture. Why does she make me think of a pin cushion?

  2. Fun post......and Stan...she does look like a half doll with a big pin funny, Dianne