Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ladies Luncheon

Perfect for daintily lunching on during your bridge game, just before they bring out the jell-o mold from Good Housekeeping's Book of Salads (c)'58...Egg Fan-Tans
Allow one chilled, peeled tomato for each serving. Slice tomatoes in vertical slices [oooh-la-la, this is the French way, by the way] not quite through; fill as below:

Use deviled eggs. Cut eggs crosswise instead of lengthwise; put halves back together; refrigerate. Slice crosswise; insert several egg slices between tomato slices.

OR if you don't care to tackle this ocd egg-slicing project, follow my lead and make a quick egg-salad and stuff the mix into your chilled, French-sliced tomatoes. Sprinkle with paprika and call it lunch!


  1. i would definitely use egg salad as deviled eggs make me gag just a little bit.

  2. I think I heart you. This may actually work for my retro diet. Hmmm......

  3. Tuna or chicken salad would be good too ... without the tomato