Friday, March 5, 2010

Stan's the Man!

I got a cheap thrill when Marge opened up the mailbox today and a beautifully lettered and smartly wrapped package was peeking out. It was a goodie from NYC [I have such big apple love/envy] and my kitschy kindred spirit friend Stan [aka the elegant thrifter]!

I got a little hitch in my giddyap when I opened it up [thx for the Gene Autry postcard enclosure] and found this:
The Greenwich Village Cookbook (c)'69

I can't wait to page through it on the deck this afternoon - I can only imagine the funky fabulous recipes I'll find, groomed from Greenwich restaurants in the 60s! This gift of thrift made my day so much better than okay!


  1. Thanks Stan ... I'm Heidi's mom and I'm hoping she will share with me...You have made two women very happy ... in '69 I was living in Tokyo ...

  2. Hi Heidi - I think I was with Stan when he purchased that groovy cookbook . . . . he's the best when it comes to surprise gifts!

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog - I'm so glad to have found yours and you! I look forward to many future visits!

    take care,
    (AKA: The Vintage Laundress)

  3. I'm so happy you like the book. You know, I spent some time with the book only to report that very few of those restaurants still exist. The other funny thing about the book is that it's from the Fairchild imprint, which still exists, but is now part of Conde Nast. One of my first jobs in New York was at Fairchild Publications (Then owned by ABC), where I worked at several magazines. And then the hallucinogenic was irresistible. And finally two of my blogging besties have met. I think you and LeAnn would get along swimmingly. (LeAnn....let's steal a car and drive off to Kansas City for a kitschenfeast!.)

  4. Yes! Yes! Come visit me when the weather warms!

    The cover is indeed triptastic -- and the drink recipes can't be beat -- I got a hangover just reading them.