Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dishing on Pyrex!

I was never a fan of leftovers growing up. Every time my mom pulled a Pyrex dish from the fridge my brother and I groaned. The clink of the cover unveiling last night's chicken and rice - or any casserole - sent our eyes rolling.

Now, when I hear that familiar glass-on-glass clatter, I get a little excited. Notsomuch about the leftovers, I still have a bit of a fresh fettish, but the dish.

Last Christmas I unwrapped a cheery, daisy-yellow covered Pyrex dish. A gift from my mom. The woman who presented us with leftovers had picked a perfect present for her kitschy daughter [she has remarkable retro taste herself]. I love it. So much I was at first afraid to use it. But since glass kicks Glad resealable containers' asses around the block, it was a golden opportunity to go green in the fridge [eco-style, not moldy].

Last Sunday I found a commrade for my casserole dish. This summery blue-sky divided Pyrex dish with a trivet-ish carrier was on sale for halfsies at my favorite flea market mall. You can't often put a price on kitsch, but for $3.25 I was not going to let this find find itself left over in booth 54.

I smell a casserole recipe. Stay tuned.


  1. Love the little carrier. Looking forward to the next recipe.


  2. ooooh...vintage pyrex. want want want!