Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Friend Meghan...

...has a baby in her belly. A boy baby. And it's been said that his meet and greet is scheduled for 9/21. As a sweet treat to Meghan I offered up a baker's dozen cookies of her choice from the 1953 Pillsbury 4th Grand National Prize-Winning Recipe Cook Book. Gee, that bake-off is swell. I can imagine those women in pearls, heels and aprons tripping over each other to transfer their original recipe to the dandy new oven ranges. Here were her choices:

Peanut Butter Apple Cookies
Apricot Thins
Almond Coconut Twinkles
Chocolate Pixies

Being a fan of the Renaissance Festival, [and a bit of a Renaissance woman herself] Meghan opted for Chocolate Pixies. Yay for pixies. Yay for me! I get to lick the bowl.

So we're on for the great race: Due Date v. Delivery Date

Damn. My follow-through is not so good. But like the boy baby in her belly, this delivery is a promise I must keep.

Will I deliver the Chocolate Pixies circa '53 to Meghan's doorstep BEFORE baby is due? The race for this win-win-win [win 1: cookies guilt-free pre-baby; win 2: cookies to celebrate post-baby; win 3: did I mention I get to gorge myself on Chocolate Pixie batter?] is ON!


  1. Tonight: I bake the cookies! But I might have to share the bowl. Damn Sunday baking.

  2. And somehow grandma didn't get any cookies, but she did get a new beautiful baby boy