Sunday, September 20, 2009

Junket - Debunked

Lidian - you threw me into a fit of gaffaws with your definition! No surprise there. Yay for jell-o and all things suspended and molded within it!

I'm guessing everyone else was defining it in their head. No need to hold back next time! Let it out. There is an anonymous button on the blog - don't be afraid to use it!

Alrighty. I'm poised to share Betty, defined. Junket is described in the New Picture Cook Book, and I quote, as -
"A milk dessert coagulated by rennet; sweetened and flavored."

Take into consideration rennet is essentially a cluster of au natural enzymes from the stomach of a mammal. It makes cheese, people. But it doesn't make cheese sound good. Not on a cracker. Not anywhere.

Such is the high-def of junket. Chosen purely by me for it's fab descriptors: coagulated and rennet. Mmm. You might want to skip the dairy course of your Sunday dinner.


  1. Heidi - Yay for Jell-O indeed! In fact I am writing about weird Jell-O right now for tomorrow's Doubletake post. I don't know why I love weird retro Jell-O so much but I do! :)

  2. Jay Schlegelmilch loves Junket ... Grandma Jan always made doesn't set up like Jell-O it's more of Jell-O flavor with the consistancy of instant pudding ... Junket is hard to find was around when we were first married and beyond.