Sunday, September 13, 2009

Frankly, I'm stuffed.

Sick of the wiener jokes? Oh well.

We did it. Friday we filled franks with three fixings you voted for. And they weren't too funky.

I split the dogs down the middle and unmercifully stuffed them with:
  • applesauce & grated cheese
  • pineapple [bah! my pimento was MIA]
  • mac 'n cheese [Kraft - lucky for us the blue box was on special at the market!]

The kids couldn't wait to get a forkful of ALL 3 flavors. Like Peter Brady, fan of porkchops & applesauce, Ben & Marge finished their pineapple-stuffed dogs. And went back for the mac 'n cheese and applesauce variations. Kids might turn their noses up at filet, but they go hog wild [groan] for mystery pig parts!

In hindsight of these hind end meats, I would have anted up for a bigger wiener [who wouldn't?]. A Ballpark frank, or even one from the butcher's counter [Fritz's comes to mind - mmmm!] to ensure more stuffing per serving.

I must admit, I did get a little satisfaction slitting them down the middle. So if you have some angst waiting in the wings, take it out on an 8pack of franks, not the loved ones under your roof.

The cookbook had some funkier options, and I'd be apt to adopt them next time, so should you:
  • ripe-olive spread
  • bananas & paprika
  • chopped prunes
  • sour cream & chives
  • spanish rice
  • cranberry sauce
  • sauerkraut & barbecue sauce
  • chunky-style peanut butter

Come on! What's the wurst that could happen?


  1. What's the wurst that could happen. har har.


  2. Love your atomic hotdog starburst!

  3. mac n' cheese and hotdogs make me happy. Really, apple sauce and pineapple? Do you have adventurous kids or are they really good?

  4. Oh, I love retro GH cookbooks - they are so delightfully strange!

    Actually one of my cooking assignments in 1974 (grade 7, last year of Home Ec at my school, how lucky was I?!) was to make hot dogs split and stuffed with processed cheese. But I know that chunky peanut butter et al would have been a lot more fun (my mother was horrified enough a the processed cheese - or rather, cheez)

  5. 'By the cheez' not 'a the cheese' (somenoe didn't proofread her comment!)

  6. geez - just last week i was dying to find something different to do with hot dogs and here's my answer - will definitely be trying these as they are printing out as i type!