Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kitschen by the Crapload!

I've been biting the thrifty bullet, but today I was packing heat. I took careful aim at the antique malls & markets in my eclectic [snazzy word for 'hood] corner of the city and hit the target.

Damn have I got some dinner planning to do.

My kitschen library has grown by 9 [& a snappy sewing case-turned-tote]! Feast your eyes on these varied volumes:
  • Better Homes & Gardens: Barbecues And Picnics [the newest in barbecuing!]
  • Better Homes & Gardens: Meat Cook Book
  • Better Homes & Gardens: Casserole Cook Book
  • Good Housekeeping's Hamburger & Hot Dog Book [novel uses for America's favorite meats]
  • Good Housekeeping's Around The World Cook Book [specialty recipes with a foreign flavor]
  • Good Housekeeping's Book of Breads & Sandwiches [dainty or hearty - for picnic and party]
  • Good Housekeeping's Book of Ice Creams & Cool Drinks [ideal refreshments for any time of year]
  • Culinary Arts Institute: Quick Dishes for the Woman in a Hurry
  • Culinary Arts Institute: The French Cookbook
Holy hell!! Where do I start?!?! HELP ME! I mean, after my next molded masterpiece, where do I go?!?

I asked Marge. But she just wanted to pose for a pic. Let's humor her:

Now, if it's not too much trouble [why in the hell haven't you people been commenting in droves?!] would you suggest a starting point for my bounty of books? I can't wait to ravish a new recipe that you'll relish [bad food humor]. So screw shy, let me know where you want me to go [within reason]! In the meantime, I'll be marveling at these vivid visions and their witty wordplay. Yay!


  1. my vote is for:
    Good Housekeeping's Around The World Cook Book
    do they have steak and ale pies in there?

  2. Novel uses for Meat!!