Sunday, December 6, 2009

Appetite for Andy

This weekend Tommy & I went to the Andy Warhol exhibit at Union Station. I've been a fan since junior high, watching his "15 Minutes" short show on MTV, sketching Campbell's soup cans in art class and turning the pages of his diary. He was as endearing as he was odd.

His appetite for art included cookbook illustrations circa '61. And was I ever charmed when I found out this eclectic pop artist lent his line drawings to Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook when my Grammie handed her well-worn copy over to me years ago. What a treasure! Here is the most charming illustration I've ever seen of finger foods. Ala Andrew Warhol, to boot. Enjoy -[ugh. my camera focus doesn't do this party tray justice!]

"Art is what you can get away with." - Andy Warhol

"So is dinner." - Heidi

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  1. I have this cookbook but without the cover, so it was great to see what it looks like. I agree, AW's sketches are charming, but I was so disappointed that he hadn't drawn a can of soup! ;)