Monday, December 28, 2009

Party Glass? You Bet Your Ass!

[this post is a bit crass]
What are all the swingers wearing these days? Who in the hell knows. But here's what all the swingers were wearing back IN the day [to keep their hands free to toss their keys into "the bowl"] -I wish I could take credit for this goody, but my friend Dally found this goody in his grandpa's vintage bar. Oh the tales I'm sure a gent from that decade could tell about the "better things" done while his hands hung free from the cocktail glass casually dangling around his neck.

Just where is the fill line on this thing? And what if you have to bend over [to pick up the cocktail weenie that dropped]? Was it suggested on the party invite that all guests RSVP, BYOB and wear stain-resistant garb barring a fuzzy navel disaster [I assure you I am not intentionally digressing here...]? I hope so.

Has anyone, anyone, ever come across this stem[less]ware? I would love to know if you know anyone with Swinger Party Glass mojo, to tell me so!

In the meantime, I'll share a finger food recipe [hey, if your hands are free] from Good Housekeeping's After Ten P.M. Cook Book [refreshments designed with guests in mind - just like the Swinger] (c)'58 & yes, I picked it purposely and by title alone...

One-Two-Three Balls
Use soft cream cheese, mixture of cream cheese and blue cheese or sharp-cheese spread. Add grated onion or curry to taste. Shape into small balls or little logs. Roll balls in any of the following; refrigerate.
  • Snipped parsley or chives
  • Grated carrots or radishes
  • Short slivers of salami, bologna or other ready-to-eat meat
  • Chopped pecans, walnuts or toasted almonds
  • Chopped ripe, green or stuffed olives
  • Finely chopped, hard-cooked eggs, mixed with paprika
  • Flaked coconut [what? please explain, GH]
  • Crushed cornflakes or potato chips
I don't know about you, but I think it looks like New Year's Eve is shaping up to be a ball!


  1. The only thing you'd need to be completely hands free with that pesky drink would be a long straw.

    Given that the "glass on a chain" is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen, let's run with it anyway! Long straws, and require all the guest to be naked. New Years Eve - time to try new things!!

  2. Truly, that is the most incredible thing I have seen in - well, a long time. So incredibly loopy, you couldn't make it up! Better than fiction, isn't it?