Thursday, December 3, 2009

Picky Holiday Appetizers

I've picked out a few funky appetizers from Good Housekeeping's Christmas Cook Book (c)'58 with flavors that even a frilly toothpick can't mask. Whaddaya think of . . .

Dipsy Noodles
Blend 1 3-oz pkg. cream cheese, softened, with 2 teasp. anchovy paste; season to taste with cayenne pepper. Shape mixture into 20 small balls; refrigerate. Just before serving, roll cheese balls in 1 cup coarsely broken chow-mein noodles. Makes 20

Beetchovies [you read that right]
Refrigerate 1 can tiny whole beets. Drain, then string 1 beet and 1 rolled anchovy each toothpick. Refrigerate.

Are you starting to wonder why these finger foods require so much refrigeration? Is it a mercury/anchovy scare? Is it so that the cold will numb your tastebuds when the snack is attacked? I dare you to find out.


  1. So these recipes are basically "Salty Cream Cheese Balls" and "Salty Beets". Ah, the imagination these took to invent!!

    Do you have the Betty Crocker Entertaining Book? It's a little cookbook like your other one...

  2. How about the Betty Crocker Party Book?

  3. I love the names Betty thinks up for these things - she's quite a prose stylist!

    And I just want to know what that Santa's been drinking, and can I have some?

  4. Barbara - nah, not that goody! How is it?

    Lidian - I know! It had to be more fun than naming opi nail polish, even. Who knows what Santa has in his flask?!

  5. Would you like it? It has a chapter "What makes a hostess famous?"

  6. Oooooo, if you could bear to part with it ;)

  7. Consider it yours. Email me your address.