Monday, December 14, 2009

Granny Ties One On

I can't wait to show you this crocheted beauty. So, why am I?
This apron was crafted - and worn - by my great granny [my mom's grandma]. Isn't it dear? And about as perky as you can get with a crochet hook. It's in pristine condition and almost too pretty to wear. Almost.

My granny [Lena] was a small gal, who lived in a [in her words - I love them] "titty pink" house in a tiny town near her eclectic sister Elsie [whose costume jewelry collection I covet]. My great grandpa owned and operated the local meat locker and while she passed early in the 80s [before I reached my eye-rolling teens] I have some vivid memories of sitting on their front porch swing, spending the night on the sleeping porch, having breakfast in their nook and watching her rhubarb plants grow and grow and grow. To a 7-year old it was small town utopia.

I hope this jogs your great granny memories, kitschy and otherwise.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god, I thought MY family was the only family that used the phrase "titty pink". Must be a generational thing!!

    Love the apron!