Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vintage Love

Today is my anniversary - our anniversary. 14 years ago we tied the proverbial knot [although just 3 1/2 years ago my ob tied another important knot, but it wasn't as romantic]. I am a lucky girl, with a husband who is handsome in looks and personality, and one helluva daddy to boot.

In celebration of the holidays and the wedding bells that chimed on December 29 '95, he thrifted this fabulous gift for me. It's so kitschy I could kiss it. And him.
Wondering how one ought to celebrate the anniversary of their wedding day, I turned to the pages of Betty Crocker's Party Book (c)'60 and found these anny reception requirements for 100 guests:
  • 18 qt salad
  • 12 doz rolls
  • 10 pt green olives
  • 4 large cans ripe olives
  • 11 doz fancy cakes
  • 4 lb bon bons
  • 4 lb salted nuts
  • 3 lb coffee
  • 1 qt cream
  • 1 pkg sugar

I think we'll opt for dinner out - I'd hate for anyone to go to all the trouble [and get hernias lifting those lbs of bon bons, nuts, coffee and salad]!


  1. Oh congrats! And I'm with you...go out! There is no party if it requires you to fix 18 quarts of salad :)

  2. Just one package of sugar ... ?

  3. Happy anniversary to a super cool couple!

  4. Happy anniversary! I have the same tray in my Etsy shop but round! It's fab and so is your hubby! A husband who thrifts for his wife is definitely a keeper!

  5. Happy anniversary! Did you marry when you were a baby? You don't look anywhere near old enough to be married that long!

    I think that list is missing an important item from the 60s - 12 cartons of cigarettes!!