Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Technicolor Cook Book Dreams

Look at this dandy my swell friend Jackie so gracefully handed me this afternoon from its kitchen perch in her diggy loft downtown! The American Woman's Cook Book (c)'60 is a technicolor foodie's dream come true. Here, let me show you -The editors of this sea foam green bible were so proud of the illustrious illustrations that the first entry in the book gives props to the pictures:
"The full-color illustrations in The American Woman's Cook Book reproduce with striking fidelity the tempting texture of nicely browned chicken, the appetizing hue of roast beef done to a turn, and the verdant [this word is new to copywriters & crossword gurus, I'm sure] crispness of leafy salads. They show precisely how attractive a properly prepared dish should appear when served."
Yes, yes they do.

Expect exploration of this book [856 pages!], chapter by chapter, in 2010!


  1. Can not wait!!! Im loving this book already and have never heard of it!

  2. Look at those petits fours! Amazing pastel sugar heaven!

  3. I've always loved the appetizing hue of roast beef. The way the fat glistens in a translucent rainbow color. And verdant leafy salads...I'm all over that. Food never sounded so good. Keep it coming Heidi.

  4. Holy cow, my verification word was HAMISM. I think the pig is jealous of the cow.