Saturday, December 12, 2009

F*@#^*g Fruitcake!


It smelled so good.

It looked so beautiful [in the eye of its kitschy beholder].

It wouldn't come out of the damn mold in one piece.Maybe there is something to be said about using all that waxed paper. And maybe the sides need to be greased giddily. Maybe next year.

So for tonight's Christmas & Cards party it will be saturated with brandy & honey - and presented by the spoonful, not the slice.

Don't let me discourage you from fixing your own festive fruitcake - simply be sure you get a hold on the mold.

Off to do a little more party prep - I can't wait until after bedtime! Once the kids are tucked all snug in their beds a few fabulous friends [including Amy & Rachel - have you seen what they're up to this season?] will be by to indulge in holiday cheer with spirits and snacks and a few hands of pitch.


  1. So ready to sip my fruitcake from a snifter! I'm looking forward to some kitschy company, cocktails and cards.

  2. Oh how I wish I lived in your neighborhood.

  3. Make a quick custard sauce, chop it up into cute glasses, pour the custard and a bit of brandy over it and serve. Everyone will think you planned it that way!!

  4. Oh Im sorry.... Baking isnt my thing because thats what happens to me. I wish I had advice but Im not good at that kind of thing.

    My fruity condolences