Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowball Fight!

Your friends will be fighting over servings of this snowy, sugary threesome from Good Housekeeping's Christmas Cook Book (c)'58!

Marshmallow Snowballs
[their way]
Day before or early in day [wha? which day? why? wth?]: Stick each large marshmallow on long kitchen fork; hold in steam of boiling water till sticky; drop onto flaked coconut, tinted pink or green, toasted or left as is. Roll over and over until coated on all sides. Place on waxed paper until firm.

[my way]
Jab marshmallows in center with mini candy canes or peppermint sticks [good for ridding one's self of angst]. Soften up canned frosting and spoon over marshmallows. Dredge in coconut color of choice.

That whole hold-your-mallow-over-the-sauna-until-it-softens thing wasn't working for me. At all. So like a stand-up comic wannabe on mic night, I improvised. And the result? Cavity-quality confection perfection!

[And the kids loved the quick create/consume turnaround time]


  1. My question is "why?" Coconut covered marshmallows. Huh. I'll bet you licked all the marshmallows instead of steaming them, didn't you?? :)

  2. Hey Heidi--I think I put on 5 pounds just reading around your blog! Thanks for visiting my spot and it looks like you and I share many of the same interests (eating being one of them, of course). Have you seen the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly? It re-enforces the People "Sexiest Man Alive" cover with the most fabulous MR. JOHNNY DEPP!! Now THAT'S a tasty dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tasty, indeed. I had an extra helping of Sweeny Todd last night! Thanks for coming by the kitschen - hope to see you around [and I'll be nosing around your blog, too!]

  4. I sure wish my family would eat coconut! If only they knew what they were missing. As always, thanks for dishing out so many tasty goodies for us!

  5. My kids would freak out if I did this. I love your blog!