Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Feast for the Eyes!

Welcome to the final countdown. Of calories. All bets are off until midnight. Eat what you want, in whatever quantity you desire. I'm desiring the appetizers from my Good Housekeeping Appetizer Book (c)'58 - it's chock full of irresistible canapes, hors d'oeuvres and nibblers [love that term!] and I've got my eye on a few to take to our party tonight.Bologna Lillies
Cut thin bologna slices into 2" circles. Fold each bologna circle, then insert a think strip of pickle to represent the stamen of a lily [talk about Freudian finger foods]. Fasten at the base with a pick. Refrigerate until needed.

Pennywise Frankfurters
On each pick, put a thin slice of frankfurter, a thin slice of pickle, another slice of frankfurter. Top with a long piece of pickle [I assure you, I did not choose these apps with Freud in mind, no matter how it looks]. Refrigerate until serving time.

Pickle Boats
From top of each small sweet gherkin, cut off thin lengthwise slice. Then scoop out center of each gherkin and fill with softened cream cheese. Refrigerate until serving time.
To serve: Into cream cheese in each gherkin, insert triangle of thinly sliced salami or cervelat as "sail."

And when the gents are throwing back a few Old Styles to wash down the finger foods, gussy up one [or more] of these dainty drinks for yourself [from way before midnight until well into the new year]:

Champagne Cocktail
1 Lump of sugar
2 Dashes bitters
Chilled champagne
Lemon wedge
Toss lump of sugar into champagne glass, add dashes of bitters, chilled champagne and twist of lemon.

May your New Year's kiss be deep and your heart be light tonight!


  1. Do you know ANYONE that would eat those now? I'd love to throw a party with the "old" appetizers, but I think people would be appalled!

  2. Champagne cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to Pickle Boats and Bologna Lilies!

    May your New Year's be delightful, and 2010 filled with happiness and many discoveries of retro cookbooks marked $1 by uncaring, unknowing secondhand bookstore clerks!

  3. That is hilarious! Love the recipes. I can see pickles are a very popular ingredient!

    Have a great New Year full of kitschy goodness!

  4. Okay, the cocktail sounds great. The rest of the appetizers need to stay in 1962. I was there and I remember. Not good then, not good now. Stash it away with the Velveeta cheese. Your posts really crack me up. Thanks. Happy 2010!