Friday, January 1, 2010

10 Things I'll Keep Outta the Kitschen in 2010

Noshing on these dishes would definitely nauseate a girl like me [indeed they do exist, as found in The American Woman's Cook Book (c)'60]:

[10] Larded Grouse
[9] Chicken Forcemeat
[8] Grilled Tongue and Egg Sandwiches
[7] Sweet-Sour Hearts
[6] Sweetbread and Oyster Pie
[5] Lima Bean Loaf
[4] Marrow and Liver Balls
[3] Jellied Soup
[2] Mock Sausage
[1] Roast Squirrel
Count that one down, Dick Clark.

Happy New Year! May all your plates be heaped with palatable helpings!


  1. Oh come on, what's wrong with roasted squirrel? I mean heck, they're in your yard already...

    I will pass on the Lima Loaf though..