Friday, January 1, 2010

10 Things I'll Keep Outta the Kitschen in 2010

Noshing on these dishes would definitely nauseate a girl like me [indeed they do exist, as found in The American Woman's Cook Book (c)'60]:

[10] Larded Grouse
[9] Chicken Forcemeat
[8] Grilled Tongue and Egg Sandwiches
[7] Sweet-Sour Hearts
[6] Sweetbread and Oyster Pie
[5] Lima Bean Loaf
[4] Marrow and Liver Balls
[3] Jellied Soup
[2] Mock Sausage
[1] Roast Squirrel
Count that one down, Dick Clark.

Happy New Year! May all your plates be heaped with palatable helpings!


  1. happy new year!!

  2. Oh come on, what's wrong with roasted squirrel? I mean heck, they're in your yard already...

    I will pass on the Lima Loaf though..