Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowball Fight!

This recipe + sledding makes a snow day suck less.

Straight from Dishes Children Love (c)'54 [thanks again, Culinary Arts Institute]. This dessert [or, what the hell, dinner] is a good go-to when you've been home with your little loves for over 20 days of 'holiday break'.Snowballs Adrift
Ice cream goodness, enhanced by chewy coconut and flavorful chocolate makes an exciting combination. [well, that isn't quite the adjective I'd pick, but it is tasty - okay, that's not much more exciting than exciting, is it?]

Ice cream of any desired flavor, prepared commercially or in the home, [I'll let you guess what variety I used, one hint: lazy] may be used to form snowballs. It must be firm before shaping balls [this sounds a little wrong, but it tastes sooo right].

Spread in a chilled shallow pan:
1 cup moist shredded coconut [I toasted the shreds to provide a little "aloha" for our palates]
With a scoop, rinsed each time in hot water, quickly form 6 to 8 balls of ice cream from:
1 quart ice cream [we ventured for vanilla]

After forming each ball, roll immediately in the coconut. Place snowballs in chilled refrigerator tray in freezing compartment of refrigerator and cover with waxed paper [or, in our case, directly into your mouth]. Before serving, spoon chocolate sirup [yes, that's their spelling, those culinary y-phobes] into individual dishes and in each one float a snowball.

The whole fam will fight over a bowl of these balls - LEST YOU FORGET to toast the shredded 'nut to warm them up a bit [on what has become a damn cold winter, even for us midwesterners] your balls will end up with a limp!

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